He’s a better man than me

Whereas I skipped the latest Democratic presidential debate, my conservative cousin from New York watched much of it. He had this to say:
“During the first half of yesterday’s Democratic debate I noted two comparisons made by the candidates between George Bush and Herbert Hoover. Perhaps they were appealing to voters like my late father-in-law who called Republicans F—Hoovers. Unfortunately for Dick Gephardt the youngest voter who participated in the 1932 Hoover-FDR election is now 92 years old.
“How ironic that most of the Democratic candidates are advocating many of the same flawed economic policies of The Great Engineer. Just as Hoover did, they call for tax increases and trade barriers to stimulate the economy. Not even Hoover would go as far as these beauties who want our trade partners to surrender their sovereignty and adopt US labor and environmental rules.
“While Gephardt and Dean seek to emulate Hoover, Kucinich and Sharpton bring to mind the rumblings of a far different voice from the 1930’s. Their views seem to be very much akin to the “Share the Wealth” platform of Huey Long.
“After an hour of this I dozed off to one of the soundest night’s sleep I’ve had in years.”


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