Laurie Mylroie on the Kay report

Laurie Mylroie has e-mailed the following comment to her readers on David Kay’s report: “[Kay’s] actual statement is much stronger than what the press is reporting. Particularly disturbing in what Kay had to say about Iraq’s weapons programs:
1) ‘Deliberate dispersal and destruction of material and documentation related to weapons programs began pre-conflict and ran trans-to-post conflict.’
2) ‘Some WMD personnel crossed borders in the pre/trans conflict period and may have taken evidence and even weapons-related materials with them.’
3) ‘Additional information is beginning to corroborate reporting since 1996 about human testing activities using chemical and biological substances, but progress in this area is slow given the concern of knowledgeable Iraqi personnel about their being prosecuted for crimes against humanity.’
4) ‘ISG teams are uncovering significant information – including research and development of BW-applicable organisms, the involvement of Iraqi Intelligence Service (IIS) in possible BW activities, and deliberate concealment activities.’
“The involvement of Iraqi intelligence in the BW program specifically is suggestive of the point that Iraq’s biological weapons program was intended for terrorist, rather than military, purposes.
“Kay also stated that the Iraq Survey Group had discovered:
5) ‘Reference strains of biological organisms concealed in a scientist’s home, one of which can be used to produce biological weapons.’
6) ‘New research on BW-applicable agents, Brucella and Congo Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF), and continuing work on ricin and aflatoxin were not declared to the UN.'”
Mylroie has also circulated Cliff Kincaid’s Accuracy in Media column on the possible responsibility of Saddam Hussein for the as yet unsolved post-9/11 anthrax attacks. Kincaid’s column is “Anthrax killers still on the loose.”


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