“We’re not gonna take it”

The MSNBC site has posted Newsweek’s account of the chaotic first day of the bus tour with which Arnold is wrapping up his campaign: “Arnold’s double whammy.”
Our radio hero and Lord High Chamberlain of the Blogosphere makes a cameo appearance at one of the tour highlights: “Hugh Hewitt, a popular conservative talk-radio host was warming up the crowd there. ‘Do we read the L.A. Times?’ he bellowed. ‘Noooo,’ the audience shouted in unison. ‘Do you believe the L.A. Times?’ ‘Noooo’ came the refrain. ‘Would anyone in their right mind trust the L.A. Times?’ he asks. A reporter for the paper rolls his eyes.
“At 12:30, Schwarzenegger bounds on to the stage, appearing under a banner that reads HELLO ARNOLD! GOODBYE CAR TAX. Here in the heart of the California suburbs, the theme of the event is this much-loathed tax, which was recently tripled by the Davis administration in an attempt to cover the state


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