Indian Casinos Fight Back

As the recall election approaches, liberal attacks on Arnold Schwarzenegger become progressively more outrageous. Check out the guy below, whose poster accuses Arnold of being a Nazi and the son of the devil.
AFP’s caption for the photo isn’t very revealing: “A man demonstrates against Hollywood actor and gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger near the entrance of Schwarzenegger’s headquarters in Santa Monica.”
But wait–what does that cap say? “Native pride.” Hmmm. It appears that the ultimate special interest group, the Indian casinos, who have lavishly supported Gray Davis and Cruz Bustamante and have gone so far as to buy advertising for Tom McClintock in hopes of siphoning off votes from Schwarzenegger, are now making up posters and paying Indians to stand outside Arnold’s campaign headquarters. Accusing Arnold of being a Nazi. All for the purpose of protecting their incredibly lucrative gambling monopoly. Well, it’s easy to see why people are worried about Arnold’s moral standards.


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