Davis to Cruz: Hasta la Vista, Baby!

Gray Davis was widely reported to think that Cruz Bustamante stabbed him in the back when Cruz entered the recall campaign. Now Davis has returned the favor. This morning he was on the news, giving a speech in which he said it is clear that Arnold is going to win question no. 2, so the only vote that matters is on the recall.
This seems like a bad strategy to me; the least likely way for the Democrats to win is by reminding voters that the election is, fundamentally, a referendum on Davis. Davis’s campaign hasn’t been able to budge his unfavorable numbers, which are still over 65%. So if the election is thumbs up or thumbs down on Davis–which is is–the result will be thumbs down.
UPDATE: The L.A. Times reports that Davis has lost a big part of his party’s blue collar base, with 34% of Democrats earning less than $40,000 saying they will vote for the recall. The main factors appear to be the car tax and, among whites, the bill granting drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants.


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