Rush’s Real Problem

Deacon and I have both commented on Rush Limbaugh’s ESPN controversy, which I think is not a big problem at all for him. What is a big problem is the allegation that he has illegally acquired prescription drugs, apparently painkillers. Unfortunately, it appears clear that there is substance to this allegation. Here is what Rush said on his program last Friday:
“The story in Florida is – it really is an emerging situation. I watch what’s being reported on television and it changes from morning to morning, hour to hour, day to day. I don’t know yet what I’m dealing with there, folks.
“I really don’t know the full scope of what I am dealing with. And when I get all the facts, when I get all the details of this, rest assured that I will discuss this with you and tell you how it is, tell you everything there is, maybe more than you want to know about this. You can believe me and trust me on that. I don’t want to answer any questions about it now, as I say, until I know exactly what I’m dealing with, and at that point I will fill you all in.”
In other words, the accusation is true, more or less, and Rush’s lawyers aren’t letting him say anything for the time being. If it were a fabrication, Rush would presumably say so. The real problem here, as I see it, is that some illegality may be involved. It is somewhat ironic, when I begin each morning in my office by deleting 50 or more emails offering me prescription drugs over the internet, that Rush could face a serious problem because he got his hands on some painkillers. But such may be the case.
Absent the legal angle, Rush could acknowledge an addiction which obviously hasn’t had much impact on his performance, get treatment or whatever, and move on. Rush has done incredible service to the conservative cause through thick and thin, good times and bad, for well over a decade. His listeners are not going to desert him over this kind of foible. And bear in mind that if the worst is true, and Rush has become addicted to prescription painkillers, it would put him in the same category with John Kennedy. Do you suppose that’s how the press will report it?


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