Dean Torrence appears for Arnold

Today’s good news has to be the sighting of Dean Torrence of Jan and Dean at Huntington Beach yesterday during a surfers’ rally for Arnold. Mike Littwin of the Rocky Mountain News has an excellent report on the rally: “‘Gropinator’ scandal doesn’t grip crowd.” Immediately below is a photograph of Jan and Dean in 1959; below the second paragraph is a current photo of Jan and Dean.
Perhaps appropriately, the recording that launched the career of the group that ultimately became Jan and Dean was a song about a stripper with the stage name Jenny Lee (“the Bazoom Girl”), who was appearing at a strip joint in Los Angeles in 1958. Fast forward 45 years and we find Dean onstage keeping the the crowd warm for Arnold.
“Dean — of Jan and Dean — is on the stage, beating time on the lectern with a congressman while a guitarist is playing, to keep with the surfer theme, ‘Wipeout.’ Somebody makes a wipe-out-Gray-Davis remark. The crowd whoops. Dean, who may not be the singer he once was, and who, in fact, may never have been the singer he once was [that’s a low blow], also takes a try at ‘Fun, Fun, Fun’ with, of course, special recall lyrics: ‘We’ll have fun, fun, fun when Arnold takes the car tax away.’ It’s that kind of rally.” (Courtesy of RealClearPolitics.)


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