Hollywood Communist

When my children ask me about people in the news, I occasionally note that a particular person is a Communist. This tends to draw a skeptical look, as though I had described him as a bogeyman. The impression generally portrayed in the popular culture and the school system is that Communists probably never existed, and certainly don’t now.
This exchange with actor Ed Asner, long one of Hollywood’s leading “progressives,” is rather stunning in that context. Asner was asked:
“[I]f you had the chance to play the biographical story of a historical figure you respected most over your lifetime, who would it be?” His answer:
“I think Joe Stalin was a guy that was hugely misunderstood. And to this day, I don’t think I have ever seen an adequate job done of telling the story of Joe Stalin, so I guess my answer would have to be Joe Stalin.”
Asner is a Communist, one of many in Hollywood. And far from being oppressed in John Ashcroft’s America, he is continuing to rake in millions and is about to star in a holiday film. As Santa Claus.
Via Andrew Sullivan.


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