Loser’s rant

Ralph Peters breaches the peaks of punditry with a great column on the deep thoughts of Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad (noted below by Rocket Man): “Loser’s rant.” Inspirational quote: “Except for a convention of European intellectuals, the only place on earth where you could draw applause by damning Jews for their alleged ‘invention’ of human rights and democracy is the Organization of the Islamic Conference, a collection of miserably failed states represented largely by aging dictators. They’re hardly in a position to condemn human rights and democracy, since they’ve never tried either one. Nor are these vicious, cowardly men in any position to criticize Jews. Or the AARP, the Rosicrucians or emperor penguins. Muslim leaders have stolen the oil wealth and squandered the human capital of their people. They couldn’t talk straight if they rubbed their tongues with Viagra. No matter what goes wrong at home, they blame Israel and the United States.”


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