We’re Back

As many of you have seen, our site was inaccessible from around 10:00 this morning until just a few minutes ago. The outage affected not just Power Line, but Hosting Matters and all of the web sites hosted by that company, a group that includes Insta Pundit, Little Green Footballs and many others. We don’t yet have any hard information, but we assume this was caused by a continuation of the denial of service attacks that started last Friday night and apparently continued last night and today. We assume that the same group of Islamofascists who were behind the DOS attack last Friday are also responsible for the most recent outages.
We take some pleasure in being targeted by al Qaeda. We are not self-important enough to think that that organization’s agents are aware of Power Line–although I’m sure they wouldn’t like us much if they read us–but I have no doubt that they are acutely aware of the blogosphere as a whole. If Americans’ news sources were limited to the network news and major daily newspapers, the Islamofascists would have a much better chance of winning the war. No doubt their first choice would be to blow up Fox News and various talk radio stations, but that is much more difficult than launching remote attacks on web sites from locations like Saudi Arabia and Indonesia. Hence their attacks on the blogosphere. Needless to say, we don’t intend to be deterred.


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