How Googlers Find Us

One of the small pleasures of this site is tracking the Google searches that lead people to us. Most of them make sense; lots of people get to us by Googling “Power Line” and many are doing searches relating to the issues of the day, on which we have commented. Some are amusing, like the famous “Mary Landrieu nude,” and some seem inexplicable.
At the moment, we are showing several interesting searches. Someone Googled “Gillette versus Schick,” which led him (a male reader, no doubt) to the Trunk’s paean to the virtues of modern razors. Another reader searched for “Arab kings dick;” I am afraid that he, like the Mary Landrieu fan, went away disappointed. The person who Googled “Dylanist ricks” found us, no doubt, because of the Trunk’s occasional observations on Bob Dylan, but I personally have no idea what “Dylanist ricks” might refer to. I am afraid that he, too, went away unsatisfied.
I feel obliged to respond sternly to the unknown Googler who asked, “Was Joe Louis overrated.” No, my friend, he was not. Although I can’t recall that we have ever said anything about him here.
CORRECTION: The Trunk points out that the “dylanist ricks” Googler knew what he was doing. Literary critic Christopher Ricks wrote a book on Dylan called Dylan’s Visions of Sin. The Boston Globe reviewed the book in an article titled “The Dylanist.” The Trunk wrote about Ricks’s book and the Globe’s review here. Due to the marvel of Google, combined with the search function on our site, that Dylan fan was able to find the Trunk’s piece in a matter of seconds.


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