Calling Gregg Easterbrook

Through the lens of 9/11 we have discovered that our Islamofascist enemies have exploited the resources of the United States to wage war against it. They use America’s freedoms, its computer facilities and networks, its communications system, its financial system, its transportation system, to devise and execute their program of murder and conquest.
I observe one other of our resources exploited by our Islamofascist enemies on display in this striking Washington Post account of the government’s unsealed affidavit in the case against naturalized American citizen Abdurahman Alamoudi: “U.S. indicts prominent Muslim here.” The affidavit alleges that for years Alamoudi helped fund al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.
The government affidavit alleges that Alamoudi moved hundreds of thousands of dollars through charities that he ran to groups that supported terrorism. The affidavit further alleges that members of one group that received $160,000 from an Alamoudi-run charity in 2000 were implicated in the foiled December 2000 Millennium plot by al Qaeda to blow up Los Angeles International Airport and Seattle’s Space Needle.
To the arsenal of America’s resources exploited by our Islamofascist enemies we must add some of America’s brilliant Jewish attorneys. Alamoudi is represented by Stanley Cohen. Yesterday Cohen fulminated with the special brand of vacuity that seems to be reserved for lawyers representing clients caught with their hands in the cookie jar: “Cohen called the government affidavit ‘posturing, grandstanding and bullying the judiciary, using not fact, not charges, but hyperbole.’ He accused the government of ‘Islamaphobic bashing’ of a man who has worked for many years to convince Muslims around the world that America is tolerant of Islam.”
Where the hell is Gregg Easterbrook when we need him?
HINDROCKET adds: Ouch! All I can say, Trunk, is it’s a good thing you don’t work for ESPN.


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