Posturing against “anti-semitism” while ignoring the real thing

Charles Krauthammer on “L’Affaire Easterbrook.” Krauthammer’s analysis is similar to the one I presented in response to Trunk’s blog on the subject a few days ago. Krauthammer finds Easterbrook’s comments tying the religion of various entertainment industry executives to his revulsion over a film their companies made “clumsy and stupid.” However, he also finds that the vilification of Easterbrook has gone too far. And he wonders why, given Easterbrook’s exemplary career, his comments have drawn so much fire, as compared to all of the blatant anti-Semitism that is swirling around today. As I suggested in my comments, the latter phenomenon actually may help explain the former — that is, Easterbrook’s remarks provide “the opportunity for liberals who are leading the charge against Israel to re-establish their bona fides on matters Jewish.”


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