A Lynch Mob Gathers

Thomas Sowell is doing everything he can to defend Janice Rogers Brown, the California Supreme Court Justice whom President Bush has nominated to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. It appears that Justice Brown will be denied a vote–in which she would undoubtedly be confirmed–by another Democratic filibuster. Sowell has written three pieces on this outrage; we linked yesterday to “A Lynch Mob Gathers, Part II.” Here is Part I, where Sowell writes:
“What the left-wing can never forgive her for is upholding the right of California voters to ban racial quotas. More than four and a half million Californians voted for Proposition 209, which outlawed group preferences and quotas. But liberals wanted the state Supreme Court to overrule the voters. Janice Rogers Brown refused and instead wrote the majority opinion upholding the voters’ right to make the laws under which they live.


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