Face to face with Myron Orfield

Tomorrow I will appear on the Twin Cities public television program “Face to Face,” a local version of CNN’s “Crossfire.” The show was taped Thursday to air on channel 2 tomorrow at 11:00 a.m.
The subject was the recent racial profiling report on Minnesota law enforcement about which we previously wrote in “Myths of racial profiling.” I appear on the show with Democratic former state senator Myron Orfield, now a professor of law at the University of Minnesota Law School and head of the law school’s Institute on Race and Poverty, a co-sponsor of the racial profiling report in issue.
It seemed to me that Myron responded incredibly lamely to the criticisms of the report that I made during the program. If you get a chance to watch, I would be grateful if you would share your reactions with me. In studying the report to prepare for the program, I was struck by several additional items of interest regarding its methodology and findings. We’ll be back to discuss the subject at a later date.


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