Prelude to genocide

Daniel Pipes devotes his New York Post column to the frenzy of anti-Semitism that grips the Muslim world: “Deadly denial.”
Pipes takes off from the comments of the moonbat prime minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad. Pipes notes that the comments represent the ubiquitous sentiment of the Muslim world. He writes: “In its attitudes toward Jews, the Muslim world today resembles Germany of the 1930s – a time when state-sponsored insults, caricatures, conspiracy theories and sporadic violence prepared Germans for the mass murder that followed. The same might be happening today.
“Wild accusatory comments like Mahathir’s have become banal. Against Israelis, violence has already reached a rate approaching one death per day over the past three years. Outside Israel, violence against Jews is also persistent: a Jewish building blown up in Argentina, Daniel Pearl’s murder in Pakistan, stabbings in France, the Brooklyn Bridge and LAX killings in the United States.
“These episodes, plus calling Jews ‘apes and pigs,’ could serve as the psychological preparation that one day leads to assaulting Israel with weapons of mass destruction. Armaments chemical, biological and nuclear would be the successors of Auschwitz, Buchenwald and Dachau. Millions of Jews would perish in another Holocaust.”


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