Taking the PA at its word

The Jerusalem Post reports that the Palestinian Authority has condemned the U.S. government for offering a reward for information that leads to the capture of those responsible for last month’s killing of three Americans in the Gaza Strip. The PA considers the offer a “stab in the back of the Palestinians who are doing their utmost to capture the culprits.” It also described the offer as “impudent,” and “insulting,” inasmuch as “it deals with a people whose mouth does not water in the face of financial temptations.”
These comments would be laughable, were it not for the fact that the various “peace processes” the U.S. has sponsored all depend on Israel turning over responsibility for curbing terrorism to this same tinpot PA. Perhaps, then, it is fair comment for the PA to question why the U.S. is unwilling to rely on it to capture those who killed the Americans. But, in the same Jerusalem Post article, Abu Shabak answers this question when he states, “We don’t work as mercenaries for anyone. We operate according to our own security vision, which is to serve the interests of the Palestinian people and to provide them with security and calm.” The U.S. is merely taking Mr. Shabak at his word. It should not object when the Isrealis do the same.


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