Speaking of Schadenfreude…

Schadenfreude is the malicious pleasure derived from the pain of others. I confessed to experiencing schadenfreude while reading my favorite Democrat’s assessment of the “naive nine” that make up the Democratic field of candidates for president. Donald Luskin now seizes on the neologism Krugmanfreude to describe “that feeling you get when you’ve been hoping for the other guy to fail, but he ends up succeeding . . . spectacularly.”
The “you” Luskin is referring to in that quotation is of course Paul Krugman, the “other guy” is of course President Bush, and “success” is the 7.2 percent growth in third quarter GDP. Luskin does not have to coin a term to describe what he anticipates will be Krugman’s consolation, “four more years of his favorite subject matter.” You won’t want to miss this latest installment of the Krugman Truth Squad.


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