Those Kindly Iraqis, Part II

Remember last spring, when there was a flap over the rescue of Pvt. Jessica Lynch? The BBC, Robert Scheer and other leftists tried to claim that her rescue was “staged,” that she was never in any danger except from American cowboys, that the Iraqis watched with amazement as American special forces snatched her from a hospital at which she had received only the tenderest care and high-quality medical treatment.
News reports today say that Pvt. Lynch’s about-to-be-released autobiography discloses that medical tests indicate that she was raped by her captors. It is still unclear to what extent her injuries occurred in the wreck of her Humvee, and to what extent they may have been inflicted after the fact by Iraqi soldiers.
The BBC has this rather graceless item, headlined “Jessica Lynch ‘raped’ in Iraq.” The BBC takes the opportunity to recount the “controversy” over complaints that her rescue “was stage-managed for propaganda uses,” without noting that the BBC itself started that controversy, and that its claims were later debunked.
The foreseeability of atrocities of this type being inflicted on female soldiers has always been one of the arguments against using women in combat roles.