Parting Shot

Today’s newspapers are braying the inevitable bad news. A Polish soldier was killed in Iraq, which according to Reuters is causing Poles to rethink their commitment. Call me callous, but is it really a news flash that soldiers can get killed? Doesn’t the criterion for where we send soldiers have something to do with the fact that it’s dangerous there? I mean, if there were no danger of getting killed in Iraq, they could send me. And Jessica Lynch is criticizing the Army for making her out to be a hero and over-dramatizing her rescue. Are we setting a new standard for ingratitude here, or what? Not to mention another helicopter apparently shot down, and another anthrax scare.
So I turned to Ann Coulter for a pick-me-up. She came through as always; today Ann goes after the Dems for incessantly demanding a “plan” for Iraq. I guess they’re looking for a plan other than the one the administration keeps repeating–kill enough bad guys to pacify the country, train Iraqi police and soldiers, get a functioning democracy going and pull out. Anyway, here’s Ann:
“The U.S. military has had considerably more success in turning Iraq around than liberals have had in turning the ghettos around with their 40-year ‘War on Poverty.’ So far, fewer troops have been killed by hostile fire since the end of major combat in Iraq than civilians were murdered in Washington, D.C., last year (239 deaths in Iraq compared to 262 murders in D.C.). How many years has it been since we declared the end of major U.S. combat operations against Marion Barry’s regime? How long before we just give up and pull out of that hellish quagmire known as Washington, D.C.?
“The Democrats’ urgent need for an ‘exit strategy’ apparently first arose sometime after 1993, when Bill Clinton sent all those U.S. soldiers to Bosnia


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