The shifting political landscape

I’m not sure why I had to read Mark Steyn’s London Daily Telegraph column today to discover that Republican voter identification is up eight points in Minnesota, but that’s the case. The local Twin Cities papers have been far more interested in reporting on our Republican governor’s plan to import pharmaceutical price controls from Canada.
Steyn’s Daily Telegraph column fills our papers’ gap in coverage of Minnesota political news and brings other good news regarding the surge in Republican voter identification that was generally reported on Thursday: “America’s liberal media bias does their darling Democrats no favours.”
Steyn’s column and Thursday’s stories on voter party identification were based on a poll conducted by the Pew Research Center including interviews of 80,000 voters over the past three years. For access to the complete survey report, click here.
UPDATE: Fred Barnes works in reference to the Pew survey in his take on the reuslts of the elections this past Tuesday: “Realignment (continued).” And the poll reported today of likely voters in the Louisiana gubernatorial race adds food for thought: “Poll: Jindal edges Blanco.” (Courtesy of No Left Turns.)


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