The Democratic field in Iowa

The Des Moines Register reports today that Richard Gephardt has overtaken Howard Dean for the lead among those likely to participate in the Iowa caucus: “Gephardt inches ahead in Iowa.”
The Register story reports that “Gephardt is the first choice of 27 percent of Iowans who say they definitely or probably will attend the precinct caucuses. Dean is the favorite of 20 percent. That’s a gain of 6 percentage points for Gephardt and a 3-point drop for Dean since late July, when the last Iowa Poll on the race was taken.”
The story adds this caveat: “Gephardt’s 7-percentage-point lead over Dean in the Iowa Poll appears a little wobbly. More of Dean’s supporters say their minds are made up and they are certain of their participation in the Democratic caucuses, which launch the presidential nominating season for the nation.”


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