Valor beyond the call of duty

There can’t be anything more important to read today than Senator John McCain’s tribute to the prisoners of war and Medal of Honor winners who inspired his survival during the Vietnam War: “Ennobled by example.”
SUPPLEMENTARY READING: National Review Online is posting the introduction to Victor Davis Hanson’s new book, Ripples of Battle, in four parts. The initial installment today is an incredibly moving tribute to his namesake, a Marine killed in action on Okinawa in the last days of World War II: “Never forget.”
Hanson recounts the results of his efforts to discover the circumstances of his cousin’s death: “I received a phone call from eighty-year-old Michael Senko, who occupied the foxhole where Victor died, and without warning had replied to my efforts in learning about Victor’s last moments. He too emphasized his ‘gentleness,’ adding that he was a ‘perfect guy’


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