Louisiana race tightens

Real Clear Politics makes its call in Louisiana. It predicts that Republican Bobby Jindal will squeak out a victory over Kathleen Blanco. The polls show Blanco closing the gap. And the word now is that, although Jindal may have “smoked” Blanco on the issues, Blanco came out the winner because she spoke movingly about the death of her son (I’m not making this up). RCP thinks the contest will be decided by the extent to which Jindal’s ethnic background will cost him traditional Republican votes and the extent to which his appeal as a fresh face will help him gain support from disgruntled Democrats and some black voters. RCP is betting that the ethnic backlash will not be significant.
HINDROCKET adds: RCP quotes a college professor who says: “I think some old boy state’s rights anti-black types are switching over to Blanco because they don’t want to see an Indian-American as governor.”
John McIntyre seems to find this plausible, but my guess is that the number of voters who would normally vote Republican but will be dissuaded by the candidate’s color is zero. Anyway, Jindal didn’t just turn dark; if there were such a group, why were they supporting him in the first place? To me this sounds like just another invidious slander of Republican voters. Much more likely is that some Democrats are coming “home” to Blanco as often happens before an election. But I’m confident Jindal will win.


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