Taking exception

Reader Joseph Downing takes exception to the piece on Gov. Schwarzenegger by Matt Welch that I posted this morning, calling it “the first item on your blog that falls short of being worth reading or even considering.” Mr. Downing justifiably considers the labels that Welch attaches to Arnold — “dope-smoking” and “Kennedy-marrying” — to be “lazy characterizations.” He adds that, while “the writer draws attention to an interesting angle on narcissism, Ventura is not unique in that regard: was Reagan a narcissist because he was a performer and entertainer, a non-traditional path (at the time) to elective office?”
Readers have probably discerned that I’m not much of a Schwarzenegger fan. But only time will tell whether his public career will more resemble Reagan’s or Ventura’s. Therefore, for a time, I will try to refrain from posting shots (especially cheap ones) at Arnold.


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