Today’s good news

I spoke too soon when I referred below to the report on Lou Rawls’ live performace last night (and again tonight) in Boston as today’s good news. Now Best of the Web Today alerts us to the reindictment of attorney Lynne Stewart for her alleged transmission of messages on behalf of her odious client, “the blind sheik” who was the inspirational leader of the group involved in the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center.
BOTW refers us to this AP news story via Staten Island Live (registration required): “New charges against lawyer accused of helping terrorist.” BOTW also points out that “Stewart was a guest of honor at a Tuesday meeting of the Staten Island Democratic Association, a political club. Stewart ‘updated the group on the government’s case against her,’ the [Staten Island] Advance reports. How lovely.”
I heard for myself myself how lovely Stewart’s views are when I recently spoke with her on a National Lawyers Guild panel on the PATRIOT Act. I wrote about the experience for Power Line in “Face to face with Lynne Stewart.”


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