Power Line Encounters a Slight Legal Problem

You may have noticed a change in our site’s appearance: the icon that accompanies Deacon’s name in the “About Us” section at the upper left side of our main page is new. Until now, Deacon’s icon has been Wake Forest’s “Demon Deacon.” This results from the fact that while a rocket and a big trunk are easily iconized, it is not so simple to show a deacon with an instantly recognizable shape. So, while a few readers expressed puzzlement about the image, the Demon Deacon was serviceable. Unfortunately, last week we got a letter from a lawyer at Wake Forest who demanded that we cease and desist from using their trademarked image. Considering that prudence was the better part of valor, we agreed. A Google Images search identified a few possible “deacon” images, from which Paul chose the triangular figure you now see. The word “DEACON” is legible (barely) across the top.
This image we also consider serviceable, but we are open to suggestions. If anyone has a better idea for a “Deacon” icon, let us know. Anyone who can come up with a superior deacon wins a free Power Line t-shirt.