Post Mortem from the U.K.

I haven’t seen much notable commentary from the British press on the conclusion of President Bush’s visit; relatively few seem to have appreciated his brilliant speech outlining a fundamental change in our policy toward the Arab world. For non-snarky commentary, we have this editorial from the Telegraph, which concludes:
“What the visit lacked in arresting visual imagery, it made up for in the symbolism of the American President being in London at the moment when Britain was confronted unmistakably with the challenge we now face.
“No one is immune to this global virus of nihilistic fanaticism – not Arab or African states, and certainly not those European countries that currently appear to believe that standing aloof from confrontation with terrorist states guarantees them safety.
“The whole world has been unwillingly sucked into this fight against terrorism, even if some governments have been slow to realise it. Confronting this challenge alone would be intolerable, which is why it was so important that Mr Bush was in London this week, reinforcing our enduring ties with America and its people.”
And for the human touch, check out the Sun’s brief article on Bush’s visit to Tony Blair’s home town, titled “Howdy, I’m the President:”
“Six British kids were stunned yesterday when a man wandered up to them outside a pub and declared: ‘Hi, I


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