A report (and a question) from Afghanistan

Our source on the ground in Afghanistan is a reserve Army major (called to duty from his home in Minneapolis) whom we are inordinately proud to claim as a Power Line reader. Here is today’s report:
“The 10th Mountain Division is the active duty Army command running the operation here in Afghanistan. The 10th Mountain’s home station is at Fort Drum, NY. It was announced over the public address system at the command center (picture NASA’s mission control) that Senator Clinton would be visiting the area for Thanksgiving. A low rumble of noise erupted from the center – it wasn’t the good, positive kind of noise a politician would like to hear – a lot of expletives filled the air as I am told. I have heard many others conversing in a similar nature about the visit. Of course, everybody will be respectful when the time arrives.
“Now, here is a personal take of mine: If Hillary Clinton ever does run for President – and they say you have to at least pick up a few Southern states to win – I am trying to figure out which Southern state it might be that would go with her?”