The old rules just don’t apply anymore

I’m no fan of the Republican Medicare prescription drug bill, but this rant by E.J. Dionne brought a smile to my face. It seems that the Republicans broke the rules by sticking together and supporting the president. They are on an “ideological march” (Hillary Clinton’s phrase) that manifests itself in enacting new bank-breaking entitlements. The Democrats lack such cohesion, according to Dionne. Maybe the party strongmen used up too many chips forcing their colleagues to prevent Bush’s judicial nominees from getting a vote.
UPDATE: Dionne’s piece brought more than a smile to Hugh Hewitt; he found the piece to be a “side-splitter.” Hugh points out that the shrill and absurd pronouncements of Ms. Clinton, Barney Frank, and Dionne himself can mean only one thing — the Democrats are losing and panic has set in.