Paranoia Strikes Deep

Yesterday the Democrats sent out an email to their base titled “GOP Revs Up Attack Machine.” The email said:
“[T]he Bush attack machine has crossed the line again. The RNC has released an advertisement that questions our Democratic candidates’ commitment to keeping America secure. And they’re going to keep doing it — unless you help stop them.
“Bush and the Republicans dream about a country with no debate and no dissent, where they are free to push their extremist agenda with no one standing up to stop them.
“They will do anything — anything — to make that dream a reality. Over the next year, they will question your patriotism again and again and again. If you don’t support President Bush, they’ll say, you’re not supporting our troops and you don’t want to keep America safe.
“It is reprehensible, and they don’t care.”
What did the Republicans do to trigger such outrage? They released a television commercial supporting President Bush in New Hampshire and Iowa. The complete text of the commercial is here. The DNC says the ad “questions your patriotism.” The offending language, cited in the DNC email, is this sentence: “Some are now attacking the President for attacking the terrorists.” That’s the full text of the Republicans’ vicious attack on the Democrats’ patriotism.
The Democrats are dishing it out in a manner unprecedented in modern American politics, but it appears they can’t take it.


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