Giving thanks to our soldiers

Karl Zinsmeister is the gifted editor of American Enterprise magazine and a fine journalist in his own right. This morning he paints an inspiring portrait of the American soldiers serving in Iraq and extends thanks on our behalf to them for their service: “Our soldiers, our thanks.”
In the gallant cast of Americans Zinsmeister mentions in the piece, I don’t find any of the reservists who’ve been yanked from their families and careers to perform their duties in the most arduous circumstances. One such whom we have in mind this Thanksgiving is our Army Major reader from Minneapolis serving in Afghanistan.
Zinsmeister’s words nevertheless apply to him and speak for us: “It’s easy for critics on both the left and right to convince themselves that the U.S. is a decadent society, that our young people have gone soft, that we will never have another generation like the men who climbed the cliffs at Normandy. That judgment, I’m here to report, is utterly wrong. We’ve got soldiers in uniform today whom Americans can trust with any responsibility, any difficulty, any mortal challenge. At the end of this strenuous year, we give thanks for them.”


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