The lies of Zacarias Moussaoui

Today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune carries an enraging account of the apprehension and detention of Zacarias Moussaoui in Minnesota in August 2001. The managers of a flight school in Eagan, Minnesota had alerted the FBI to Moussaoui based on his bizarre behavior and comments. The article is “Pre-attack interviews with Moussaoui raised FBI agents’ suspicions.”
Both the Eagan flight school managers who tipped the FBI and the Minneapolis FBI agents who interrogated Moussaoui did a great job. At the conclusion of their two sessions with him the agents sent a memo to bureau headquarters on August 18: “In the memo sent to bureau headquarters…, the Minneapolis agents said that ‘the numerous inconsistencies’ in Moussaoui’s story, the timing of his trip to Pakistan and his inability to account for all of his cash led them to believe ‘he is conspiring to commit a terrorist act.’
“His comment about flying from London to JFK, the Minneapolis office wrote, ‘is suggestive’ that he may want to simulate a flight ‘under the conditions which he would operate while’ carrying out a terrorist act.”


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