Dear President Arafat

There is really nothing new in yesterday’s New York Times article on justice, PLO-style with respect to alleged informants under the jurisdiction of the Nobel Peace Prize winner: “Coerced or not, Palestinians who assist Israel face death.” The underlying facts are highly instructive though many years old.
On its Web site, for example, Amnesty International tells the story of ‘Alan Bani ‘Odeh, who was executed by firing squad in the town of Nablus on January 13, 2001. He had been sentenced to death by the Higher State Security Court in Nablus on December 7, 2000 after a trial that lasted less than three hours. He was charged with collaborating with the Israeli security services in the killing of his cousin.
What is to be done? Amnesty International thoughtfully recommends that you write Yasser Arafat, using the saluatation “Dear Presidet Arafat.”


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