Mister Peanut goes to Geneva

The reigning Idiotarian of the Year per the 2003 Little Green Footballs Fiskie Award has delivered a fierce attack in Geneva on the government of the United States as well as the government of Israel at the ceremony honoring the disgraceful Geneva Accord.
The Jersusalem Post’s account of Mister Peanut’s speech is “Carter slams Israel, Bush in Geneva speech.” Little Green Footballs directs readers to the elegant fisking of Mister Peanut’s deep thoughts by Melanie Phillips.
It used to be the case that politics stopped at the water’s edge. It used to be the case that American politicians refrained from criticism of the president of the United States on foreign soil. It used to be the case that former presidents exercised self-restraint in commenting on the performance of their successors in office. Mister Peanut has inadvertently offered powerful evidence of the wisdom of these traditions.
It must be irrefutable proof of the existence of God and of His providential design that the United States of America survived the presidency of this cretin.
SUPPLEMENTARY READING: Edward Morrissey does a nice in the post on his Captain’s Quarters site in raising my blood pressure to pre-stroke levels: “Why is this man smiling?”


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