Fantasy peace talks fail to yield fantasy peace

Some people participate in fantasy baseball or football leagues. Israel’s non-minister with portfolo Yossi Beilin organized a fantasy Middle East peace league. Some members of the Palestianian Authority joined. So did Jimmy Carter (who publicly fantasized about his second term) along with, it seems, his fantasy Secretary of State Colin Powell. The Palestinians won the fantasy non-contest.
Real Israelis were not amused. Now, we learn from the Jerusalem Post that some real Palestinians weren’t either. It seems that the fantasy Palestinian diplomats were pelted, upon their return to the Gaza Strip, with stones, eggs, and rotten tomatoes — all real. One delegate reportedly was wounded in the leg either by a stone or a bullet.
In the fantasy agreement, Israel essentially gives in on every issue except the right of Palestinians to return to Israel. That issue, if I’m not mistaken, is deferred. The Palestinian protesters were angry that the delegates had pretended to relinquish the right of all Palestinians to return to their pre-1948 homes.
If the fantasy peace process jeopardizes the physical safety of members of the Palestinian Authority, just think what it would do for the safety of Israelis.
HINDROCKET adds: The photo below shows a protest against the Geneva “agreement” that was staged in the Shatila “refugee camp” outside Beirut. The young girl in the foreground is holding a real, not a fantasy, submachinegun. The issue between the Israelis and the so-called Palestinians is simple: genocide, yes or no?


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