Dean Jitters Spreading

This morning Howard Dean is attacked from both the left and the right (or what passes for the “right” in the Democratic Party). The Washington Post’s Richard Cohen recites some of Dean’s recent blunders, worries about the competence of both candidate Dean and his staff, and concludes:
“Dean’s ability to give voice to the raw anger some Democrats feel toward Bush — everything from the Florida vote fiasco to the Iraq war — propelled him to the No. 1 spot in his party’s nomination race. But he remains a problematic prospect who too often does not look before he leaps — off Brooklyn Bridges of his own making. Dean may jump, but unless he does better, the Democratic Party would be foolish to follow.”
Meanwhile, the Washington Times’ Donald Lambro writes that “Democratic leaders increasingly worry about the prospect of antiwar candidate Howard Dean becoming their party’s presidential nominee next year.” Lambro recounts a conversation with Leon Panetta, a relatively sensible Democrat and Clinton confidante, in which Panetta said:
“There clearly are concerns about Dean’s ability to appeal to the entire country, particularly on national security issues.


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