The Barnard barnyard, take 2

Two weeks ago we noted that when Phyllis Chesler spoke at a woman’s “networking” conference at Barnard College, she studiously avoided expressing her support for Israel and her opposition to the new anti-Semitism in her prepared remarks. But when the first questioner sought to “unmask” her views on these issues, she rose to the occasion in an inspirational manner. FrontPage published Chesler’s column recounting the story as “The brownshirts of our time.”
Now the Director of Development Communications at Barnard has issued a public statement that appears to have been occasioned by Chesler’s column. Chesler has responded. This morning FrontPage has published both the statement and Chesler’s response together. Decorum prevents me from heading this post “Phyllis Chesler speaks truth to bullshit,” but we’ll give that tag to the link.


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