In (and through) the looking glass

The Claremont Review of Books has just posted several outstanding pieces from the new (winter) issue on its Web site. The issue affords a wealth of riches, and I intend to flag several of the pieces for particular attention.
The one I would like to note this morning will probably come in handy in my anger management therapy. It is a review of Sandra Day O’Connor’s The Majesty of Law: Reflections of a Supreme Court Justice by Cornell University government professor Jeremy Rabkin: “In the looking glass.”
Court watchers who have studied Justice O’Connor’s opinions may find that they have taken the opinions more seriously than O’Connor herself does. The following passage of Rabkin’s review is instructive: “The most alarming and characteristically thoughtless part of these ‘reflections’ deals with international law. Justice O’Connor tells us she has learned a lot from visiting with other judges. And she has noticed the proliferation of new international institutions


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