A Break From the News

This is one of the few news commentary sites where you can stay up to date on the Miss World pageant, but hey, what’s a blog for if not to pursue one’s own interests?
The official Miss World site is here. One interesting feature of this year’s event is the “People’s Choice” category; you can vote online, and the contestant with the most votes moves automatically into the final round on Saturday. Currently, the top ten in the “People’s Choice” category are Misses Albania, Australia, Brazil, India, Macedonia, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Thailand and Venezuela.
Even more remarkable is that you can bet on who will win. Major organizations like Ladbroke are making book on who will be the next Miss World; check out this site for the current odds, and place a bet if you are so inclined. The current favorite, at 4-1, is Miss Ireland, Rosanna Davison, whom we posted on here.
My personal favorites are Miss Venezuela and Miss Dominican Republic, above, and Miss Iceland and Miss Wales, below.
Venezuela.jpgDomin Repub.jpg
HINDROCKET has second thoughts: It occurs to me that when I did this somewhat tongue-in-cheek post I did not have in mind that balloting for Wizbang’s 2003 Weblog Awards begins tomorrow. We are nominated for Best Overall Blog and Best Group Blog. If you are new to our site, please peruse our archives…..you’ll see that we are really, really serious almost all of the time.


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