“Controversial Fence Proves Its Worth”

Amazingly enough, that’s the title of this UPI article:
“Aliza Hazan was thrilled. Three times that afternoon she had walked up and down Netanya’s main street from the outdoor cafes by the seashore to a shopping mall near the main entrance to town….Both had been targets of deadly terrorist attacks and Hazan marveled at the city’s signs of recovery. ‘You see more people in the streets! … All the shops are open! … People are eating in restaurants!’ she said.”
On the terrorists, the fence has the opposite effect:
“Shabak — Israel Security Agency — interrogators concluded the fence has become a ‘significant obstacle,’ a well-placed source said. Arrested militants said in their interrogations they had to devise complicated ways to penetrate Israel; sometimes they sent militants south because there is no fence there yet.
“Wednesday the army caught an Islamic Jihad suicide bomber on his way to attack an Israeli school in Yokne’am south east of Haifa. The bomber and his guide first went to a remote village to skirt the fence’s northern section, which is still under construction. They were arrested in a mosque in that village.”
Self-defense. Somehow, it’s always controversial.


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