Kucinich Gets A Date

I used to say that Bill Clinton was the first president to view the office primarily as an opportunity to meet chicks. Now Dennis Kucinich is applying the principle to his primary campaign:
“After weeks of suspense, Don Juan presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich snagged a date yesterday with Gina Marie Santore, a 33-year-old Democratic party loyalist who currently works for the sheriff of Camden County, N.J. Santore used Internet politicking skills to defeat 79 others who tried to win a date with Kucinich through the Politicsnh.com Web site.” Kucinich and Sanore are apparently going out for dinner next week in New Hampshire.
I would use the old line about history repeating itself as farce, except that in this instance, it was pretty farcical the first time around, too. Still, it looks like Kucinich will get more out of his campaign than John Kerry will.


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