From Baghdad to 9/11

The World Press Review has published a translation of the excellent article by Jaroslav Spurny from Prague’s independent weekly “Respekt.” The article summarizes the evidence, some speculative, leading from Mohammad Atta to Iraqi intelligence to 9/11: “Mohammad Atta’s decisive meeting.” (Courtesy of Little Green Footballs.)
Please read Spurny’s article together with the article by Stephen Hayes from the new issue of the Weekly Standard: “An intelligent Democrat.”
This quote from Evan Bayh shouldn’t be missed: “Look, there were multiple reasons to remove Saddam Hussein, not the least of which was his butchering of his own people–that’s the kind of thing that most progressives used to care about. We were going to have to deal with him militarily at some time in the future. The possibility–even if people thought it unlikely–that he would use weapons of mass death or provide them to terrorists was just too great a risk.”


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