A day that will live

Today is of course the sixty-second anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. We fought the ensuing war in the Pacific against a barbaric imperial power with a ferocity and dedication assuring that our treasuerd dead did not die in vain.
We lost so many outstanding young men in the obscure hellholes that made up the battlefields of that war, lost so many daring sailors and pilots in the sea war, lost so many brave men to unspeakably cruel detention by the Japanese, the toll seems beyond comprehension or reckoning.
Today is a day to remember, pay tribute to the fallen, and contemplate the horribly timely lessons to be learned from our losses that day. For a collection of links with commentary appropriate to the occasion, please check out Tiger. (Courtesy of Mudville Gazette.)
HINDROCKET adds: The photo below shows the scene at Pearl Harbor at dawn this morning.


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