Michelle Malkin on Lee Malvo

Michelle Malkin’s column this morning — “Lee Malvo, Muslim hatemonger” — demonstrates how the bigfoot media have become an obstacle to understanding critical facts about the war being waged on the United States. She goes out of her way to credit Rocket Man, Rocket Man’s Power Line post “Islamofascists after all,” and link to Power Line for the proposition that Malvo and Muhammad are freelance Islamofascist terrorists.
Michelle has been a hero and inspiration to us for many reasons. Here are two: She has broken so many stories in her column that, if she were a Dowdy liberal instead of a rock solid conservative bombshell, she would be a Pulitzer Prize-winning People Magazine celebrity; and she took the time to take a look at our site and provide us the kind words about Power Line that we quote over on the left when we were just getting off the ground.
UPDATE: The New York Post ran Michelle’s column today. Given Michelle’s quotation of Rocket Man and reference to Power Line, we’re supplying the link to the Post version of the column as a point of pride.


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