Calling Michelle Malkin

Coincidentally with our post on Michelle Malkin’s column below, today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that the ineffable Chief Charles Moose of Montgomery County, Maryland — famous for looking for an angry white man in an angry white van while Muhammad and Malvo were murdering his constitutents — has become one of three finalists for the position of Minneapolis Chief of Police. (Thanks to my colleague Peter Swanson for the alert.)
The Star Tribune’s story today on the narrowing of the field is “Minneapolis police chief field down to 7.” The Strib recalls: “During the 2002 killing spree, Moose attempted to send public, cryptic messages to the sniper. When the sniper wounded a 13-year-old boy, Moose, with tears streaming told the media that the shooter ‘had crossed the line.'”
In a just world, Michelle Malkin would win a Pulitzer Prize for her columns on Chief Moose alone. Now that Moose has become a finalist for the position of Minneapolis Chief of Police, perhaps a Star Tribune reporter will trouble himself or herself to take a close look at the guy’s record. Anyone doing so will find Michelle’s columns indispensable.
I know journalists don’t like to do much work, so as a public service we’ll provide the links. Michelle’s columns on Chief Moose are: “Charles ‘show me the money’ Moose,” “Don’t ask Chief Charles Moose,” and “The Moose is on the loose.”
Michelle, those of us here in the Twin Cities need a fourth column. But yesterday’s arrest of an al Qaeda operative in Minneapolis suggests it’s not just a local issue. It’s a national emergency!


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