A humble plea to Power Line readers

Before slipping back to number 3 today, Power Line had climbed into the number 2 spot in the Wizbang poll for best group blog. Our friendly rivals over at the Volokh Conspiracy and at Rantburg run ahead of us in the number 1 and 2 spots, the Conspiracy by a wide margin, Rantburg by 60 votes.
We would love to win the race for best group blog, and we could if only the readers who support us would exercise their full rights to Chicago-style, twice-a-day voting (all perfectly legal!) per the Wizbang contest rules. We humbly ask you to do so.
Our friend and loyal supporter Hugh Hewitt is running away with the race for best conservative blog. Let’s make it a landslide.
In this context I have frequently been inspired by the drive (and the artistry) of John Lennon. One of the critical days in Beatles history was January 4, 1962, the day on which Mersey Beat magazine announced that the Beatles had topped the Mersey Beat poll for best Liverpool band. Check out the Mersey Beat front page announcing the Beatles’ victory on the linked Beatles’ history Web site.
The Beatles’ solid victory over Gerry & the Pacemakers, The Remo Four, Rory Storm & the Hurricanes, and Johnny Sandon & the Searchers was secured by John Lennon’s legendary ballot-stuffing efforts. Lennon’s efforts not only served the interests of justice, they moved the Beatles a little further down the road to their rendezvous with destiny.


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