“We got him”

Above is a photo of the video depicting Saddam Hussein as he was captured, side by side with a photo of him after his shave courtesy of the United States Army. Here’s the AP report on the capture of Saddam Hussein: “Saddam caught alive.” Warmest congratulations to the men of the 4th ID. God bless the armed forces of the United States.
When the Pol Pot-inspired Peruvian terrorist Abimael Guzman was captured in October 1992, early in the presidency of Alberto Fujimori, President Fujimori put him in a cage on public display for the Peruvian media. He is pictured above holding forth in his cage. I hope Saddam Hussein suffers comparable humiliation; he deserves a fate worse than death, although I also hope his death is part of the equation.
HINDROCKET adds: That’s right, and now the question whether Saddam will be tried and put to death or turned over to the Hague is no longer academic. Howard Dean and Weasel Clark are going to look very silly. And if capturing Saddam really does cause the attacks on American forces to wind down–a big if–the Dems will be in big trouble.
But now isn’t the time to think about politics, I suppose. The last word (for now, anyway) goes to a woman in Baghdad quoted by the AP: “Things will be better for my son. My son now has a future.”
Merry Christmas, Iraq–courtesy of the red, white and blue. Here’s another shot of Saddam post-capture:


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