More Good News to Come?

The capture of Saddam Hussein is a huge boost for the U.S., for President Bush and for the war against terror. But there are other shoes that may be waiting to drop, which may be almost equally important.
Yesterday we linked to a Daily Telegraph article about the discovery of a memo by the head of Iraqi intelligence to Saddam Hussein, which says that lead Sept. 11 hijacker Mohammad Atta was trained in Iraq by Abu Nidal. The Telegraph has an update here. If the memo is genuine, it is evidence of a far closer link between Saddam and the Sept. 11 attacks than has been believed.
My guess is that the memo is not genuine, simply on the ground that it is too good to be true. In addition to the Atta connection, the memo refers to a shipment that is on its way to from Niger, via Libya and Syria–presumably the famous Niger uranium. For all of this to be in one memo is just too much.
If I’m wrong, great. But even without this memo, evidence of Saddam’s ties to al Qaeda has been accumulating. Some time between now and next November, a report on that evidence will be issued.
And a few weeks ago, there was a report that extensive documents had been discovered, detailing payments made by Iraq to both political leaders and journalists around the world. This, along with other evidence relating to the commercial ties between Iraq and countries like France and Russia, may discredit what the Democrats are now trying to stake out as their prime disagreement with the administration in the war on terror–their determination to defer to France, Russia and Germany.
In short, the Democrats are playing a very dangerous game, given that they have no idea what is being turned up, day after day, in the Iraqi intelligence archives.


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