Dean Grins and Bears It

It is safe to assume that Howard Dean’s feelings on hearing about Saddam’s capture were the same as Osama bin Laden’s (assuming, of course, that bin Laden is still alive). But Dean tried to put the best face on Bush’s triumph with this statement:
“This is a great day for the Iraqi people, the US, and the international community. Our troops are to be congratulated on carrying out this mission with the skill and dedication we have come to know of them.
“This development provides an enormous opportunity to set a new course and take the American label off the war. We must do everything possible to bring the UN, NATO, and other members of the international community back into this effort. Now that the dictator is captured, we must also accelerate the transition from occupation to full Iraqi sovereignty.”
Somehow I don’t think most voters are desperate to “take the American label off the war.” And how the transition to Iraqi sovereignty can be achieved any more rapidly than the breakneck pace now in progress is unclear. I suppose when the new Iraqi government is established and the last American soldier is withdrawn, Dean will say that the administration finally took his advice.


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